A few ?'s for experianced BC'ers(:

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heyy, so I've FINALLY convinced my mom to let me do the BC [im 14] :D, and I was wondering:

-is it okay to constantly get your hair braid after the BC?
-if so, can you then get weave?
-im cutting off ALL the relaxed ends, but when my hair starts to grow back should i go get the ends cut every so often?
-anyone know of GOOD hair products that will leave your hair protected in cold climates (because i live in alaska)?

-well thanks for reading luvs(: im very excited to get started

...Ajanae aka teeheeHazelBreed


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    Okay, sorry I'm not an experienced BC'er, but I am 14 and wanting to BC too!! I'm so scared, because of people at school and my parents... (lol and my big head) otherwise I'm excited to.. whenever I decide to cut my hair. Lol. I'll try to answer your questions..

    1. I think you can, but you should let your hair breathe every once and a while. As long as you're not like leaving the braids in for too long I think it's be okay, but be careful 'cuz your hair might get really dry; because it's not getting the direct moisture. The braids are, they usually suck up moisture too.

    2. You can probably get a weave too, I'm not completely sure 'cuz I usually get braids, not weave.

    3. I'd only cut my hair if it was uneven, had straight or split ends. Otherwise you don't really need to.

    4. :[ I don't know of any good hair products, I like in Illinois so it gets pretty cold in the winter too... but I don't think as much as Alaska..
    Woo!! I did the Big Chop!


    I didn't like it at first, but now I pretty much love it. :] I'm currently protective styling to get to shoulder length ASAP, so I don't get to enjoy it that much :dontknow:

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