How to do the Big Chop?

nada101nada101 Registered Users Posts: 125
As I am moving closer to my BC date I am wondering how I should go about doing this. I do not want to go to a salon to get it done so I will more than likely be doing it by myself or getting a family member to do it for me.

How should I go about doing this? Tell me your tips and techniques that you used when you did the BC. Also is there anything I should expect right after (ex. dry hair, frizzy hair etc.) Its crazy because I have done all this research but I think because I am getting closer to my BC date I am nervous about what to do and what to expect and how to handle my hair after.

Should I do it on wet hair, dry hair etc?
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  • HipsterSoulHipsterSoul Registered Users Posts: 1,017
    If this is a transitional BC, then I would get someone I trust or go to someone to cut off the areas between the relaxer and the new growth. As your hair grows, the texture might change some.

    When I first BC'd my hair was stiff and dry feeling. Then as time goes on, it became soft and my true texture became curlier. Just deep condition it and keep it moisturized, with a spritz.

    Don't be nervous,you'll look great and your hair will thank you.
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    I haven't done it yet but I've watched a ton of youtube BC videos. You want to do it on wet hair/hair soaked with conditioner so you can clearly see where the line of demarcation is. You could also put your hair in a twists or braids and work section by section. I'm planning on snipping when I take my twists out

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    Hmm. Well I havent exactly bc'd but I have been trimming along the way.

    In the back I have about 1-1.5 inches left :headbang: lol and so what I do is,

    On soaking wet hair with conditioner, brush with denman, start at base of neck making horizontal parts, pin away rest of hair, brush with denman, take scissors snip whatever amount im comfortable with (i.e whatever amount that will still leave me able to pull my hair back, doesnt have to be a fully pony just a couple inches sticking out of a hair holder).
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  • Kinky RhonnieKinky Rhonnie Registered Users Posts: 1,166
    Hey there, You have beautiful growth in your picture. I did my own BC a little over two years ago and haven't been to a stylist since my last relaxer August 24, 2007 and my hair is healthier than it's EVER been.

    Be sure to use professional sheers. I cut my hair while dry.

    I used a spritz bottle with a mix of water and conditioner .

    I section my hair in small sections and started at the front so I couldn't chicken out. lol

    As I spritzed each section, I could clearly see the line for demarcation (where the relaxed and natural textures meet). I cut directly below the relaxer to ensure that I cut to the natural texture.

    Like Samielle1 stated, my hair was pretty rough and dry initially. I did a lot of research but still unprepared for the care and maintenance of the twa and curl popping was not happening. Even though I researched, I had not invested in leave-in conditioners, moisturizers, curl stylers (creams, lotions, gels, oils). The only thing I did have was shampoo and conditioner and extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen, which i didn't even think to use. I also didn't think to leave the conditioner in. I was so clueless after the 5 months of transitioning and researching. lol. Then I became a serious product junkie and it took most of the first year to figure out what my hair liked and didn't like. And Lord know some of those products also took a toll on my skin.
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  • rachelolivia2010rachelolivia2010 Registered Users Posts: 372
    When i big chopped, i wet my hair, and used sheers to cut at the demarcation line. I would do it in the bathroom if i were you. And your hair might be really undefined and frizzy, because your hair is in some sort of shock of the relaxed ends being gone. Its probably going to take a few months before you see your curl pattern. Maybe even a year post BC. Oh, and moisture moisture moisture! You probably already know that though lol. I hope i could help some! :) :-o
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  • nada101nada101 Registered Users Posts: 125
    Thanks you all for your comments. Now I feel much more comfortable knowing what to do. I read alot about people doing their BC on wet hair and then I also read about people doing it on dry hair and even straight hair. But I think the best option for me is wet hair. I am so nervous about this whole thing but I think I will have a decent length considering I will be 2 years post relaxer. But I am worried about the shrinkage and most importantly the dryness.
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    Started Transition: March 2008
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    Transitioned for: 2 years


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