layers in 3a hair?

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Hi all!

I have 3a hair (well, 2c/3a hair) , all one-length, and it's getting a bit boring. I was thinking of getting long layers. I want some shape to my hair, (not just flat), and I also read that layers will make my curls bouncier, which I would love! :blob4:

And I would like some weight removed, because I would like to wear a ponytail without having it pull my head down.

Has anybody gotten long layers, and could provide before and after pictures? Do you think it's a good idea?

Thanks :iconbiggrin:


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    Yes, long layers are beneficial for most of us with curly hair, and many of us here have them. I don't have before/after pix, but I definitely recommend them.
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    Another thing you can consider is angle around your face (shorter pieces). they make my hair less boring and they dont puff out
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    A must. You have to get that top mop trimmed. It will just drag you down. The angling at the face is a great tip. My girl does that to me too, especially if you like the length, just not the flop.
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    I also agree. I have long layers with angles around the face for shape. My longest layer starts around my earlobe (to offset my face shape).

    Layering can really help with curl formation and overall hair 'swing' & bounce. :blob8:

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    I have dozens of layers and it really does make your hair spring up in curls. Oi. lmao.
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    I also have layers. I love them! Mine are mostly around my face. I didn't want as many in the back. The curls around my face are definitely bouncier than the rest due to the layers and I love it!!

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    YES! I have 2c/3a hair too and before layers..well...I had like 1c/2a hair (Mind that this was also before CG) I'm very happy with the results!
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    For my hair, layers are the only way to go. When I was younger I had it all one length and it was flatter at the roots then get SUPER afro-y towards my ends. It was a terrible look. And it really weighed down my curls too, they were more 2c when it was one length. I have shorter layers, and it really helps. It frames my face, makes my curls bouncy and gives nice volume without being overwhelming. I love my layers!
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    Gemini13 wrote: »
    Yes, long layers are beneficial for most of us with curly hair, and many of us here have them. I don't have before/after pix, but I definitely recommend them.

    +1! I've had layers for over 30 years, so no before pictures - but pyramid head without them, LOL (me). See Fotki for fairly current ones.
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    For a while I thought I could wear my hair one lenght. The result: major pyramid head!
    I had some layers cut in from the ear down. Now when I wear my hair open it's nice and curly yet the top layer is long enough for me to put it in a ponytail or updo if I want to.
    yours truly,

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