Help?Will it ever start to work?


I just recently started the CG's routine and I'm just hopeless. I know 2 weeks isn't long but my hair is limp, not half as curly as it used to be and I have no volume.

How long should it take? 1 or 2 months? Because I just don't see my hair will ever look good on this routine.

And does putting my hair up in a bun almost daily, not wet mind you, affect the hair in any way?

Any help is appreciated,


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    My hair was exactly like your description for 3 weeks after I started CG (you can see in this photo how limp and greasy and not-curly it was--and that was a good day). I was really discouraged. I was definitely not one of those girls who saw immediate results. I stuck with it, though, and now I'm pretty happy that I did.
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    I think it takes about 6 weeks for a lot of people.

    If you pull your hair back tightly each day--and, especially, if you achieve this by combing it back when it's wet--it will eventually loosen curls or waves.
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    What products are you using? Are you sure you're not using something with a cone hidden somewhere? Also, if you were using cones before CG, did you clarify before you started? Any of these things could be contributing to your lack of success. Finally, CG is not for everyone. If it's not working for you, you may want to consider using a very gentle sulfate-free shampoo for a while and wean your hair off shampoo gradually.
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    Currently, I'm using Deva 1 conditioner and HE's Set ME Up Gel or Totally Twisted with AG:Recoil. Also as a leave in ABBA nourishing.

    I never heard of clarifying before I started, that could be it I suppose.

    But last question, would long layers affect the way my hair curls, like lack of volume, not as bouncy/springy? When I used cones I needed really long layers because I had so much volume but now...
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    The one C might be a bit too heavy for you. Maybe you could find something a bit lighter? (I'm a big cheap CO advocate... White Rain, Suave, V05 etc)
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    OneC proved to be way to heavy for me. I tried Suave CO and it's so light and my curls were beautiful! (I'm only in week 2 of CG)
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    CG well done actually helps our hair to curl more. If you gave up and/or were not able to get better results, I would like to encourage you to try again, only that this time I think you should read the book for all the "juicy" little details of the routine; look it up at your local library, some even take requests and get books for you.

    The first thing I noticed is that you were using too many products, the routine doesn't require a leave-in, just not rinsing your regular CO all the way, (fine hair in particular can get weighed down very easily, thus loosing its curl). Then, you use a CLEAR gel which must be applied the right way (shown in the book). You must make sure your CO and gel have no silicones, some of the names can be deceiving, as in dimethiconol and cyclopentasiloxane. You can get info right here about that (check the "stickies" on the General Discussion section).


    Watch out for those Suave Cos, some have 'cones (see above) and other ingredients that can cause build-up so if you suddenly notice your hair not responding do a "Lemon-aid".
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