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Well i've been lurking around for a while and i have decided that i need your help ladies (and gents). So i've had long hair all my life it sort of started out wavy -but i think that might be because my mum brushed it with a brush when i was growing up... and well now i'm pretty sure its around 3b and it is THICK

well ... i sort of want a change a pretty big one i want to have it cut between my chin and shoulders (in a bob) and was wondering if you guys think that would be a good idea considering it is so thick and poofy and well curly ringletty.

The reason behind the want for a change is because i hate having to tie it up everyday as it only really works on the day i wash it and when it is still moist. Mum doesn't understand as her hair is straight and she straightens it although she does say she loves my hair and thinks it looks wonderful when it it is massive. Also i think it would be fun yes a little bit of extra work but hopefully a nice change. the last reason is well my current hairdresser has no clue how to cut my hair she makes me have a shower first and then cuts it when its dripping wet. last time i asked her if its be better to cut my hair dry and she said it wouldn't:sad7: i have always officially had triangle hair:duckie:

so enough talk here are my photos
so much hair i can pass as someone from a different era '70s maybe:toothy4:
after its dried and boofed and frizzed maybe 6-7hrs after shower

still wet (ps. growing out my fringe/bangs)

one of the rare ocassions of nice dry maybe even 2nd day hair

if you don't recomend the short cut how should i get it cut, should i thin it out, get layers, have it cut dry etc. help is needed

*edit* i thought i would give you guys a bit of a visual as to what i was thinking in this brain of mine as to the length/style of how i want this haircut to be.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/4277952740/
Claire from http://faboomadness.blogspot.com/ has the greatest cut ever but i would want mine just a tad longer like literally a couple of cm-1inch longer!
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