Boys and UTI?

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I have a do you know if you son has a UTI? I know it's not common but Chas has been potty trained for almost a year and really never had many accidentss but in the last week he has had 4 (3 today) accidents. I thought maybe it was just laziness...the first one he was sitting on our bed watching Thomas and just peed. I came in and found him stripped still watching Thomas in which I asked what happened. The second was at naptime today and then at his Grandparents. The 4th was tonight...he was getting his p.j's on and then just peed..I was like Chas...hurried him to the potty. He stopped when I yelled Chas...but he started crying..I felt bad and told him it was okay...I didn't yell loud...just spoke caught me off guard.

I know it's not common for boys to have UTI but was curious if it was a sign of one ....maybe it's just something that kids go through once in awhile at this age? I was thinking we had this issue before but wasn't positive. I do remember when he thought it was funny to pee on the floor (got that from daycare) but we nipped that in the bud quickly. I'm not sure if this is an infection, laziness or what now?

Thoughts comments? Anything will be helpful. Thanks in advance.


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    This used to happen with my 2nd son when he was little...he would have occasional daytime pee accidents for no apparent reason. It would come upon him as an extreme urgency and he wouldn't be able to hold it and would just pee. He was a nighttime bedwetter too. It would come in trends or waves...dry dry dry for months, then several accidents in a row for several weeks/months. I took him to the doctor several times and they tested his urine but he never had a UTI. The doctor offered up the possiblity that it was just immature sphincter control and that it would probably resolve itself with time. They have night-time meds for that, but I didn't want to use them. I really didn't mind washing sheets and didn't think the side effects were worth it (although the few times he peed in my car kinda ticked me off).

    He did grow out of it eventually. It got less and less often as he got older. I think it all stopped completely by the time he was around 8.

    While UTI's are less common in boys, prolonged bedwetting is more common in boys than girls. My oldest boy had bedwetting issues too, but his problem was only at night.

    I'd take him to the doctor, just to be sure there's no physical reason. If nothing is wrong, then just work on your patience and know that these young years really don't last forever. I wouldn't mind washing sheets to have a little boy in my life again. I miss my bedwetters being little.
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    Thanks RCW. That makes me feel better that it could just be a phase. He has yet to have an accident at night (of course I probably just jinx'd it) If it continues to occur like it did yesterday for a couple of days I will make him an appointment just to be sure that there is no infection.

    I did kind of wonder as they grow if everything keeps up or it can be out of wack...I know this sounds funny but I had hip pains when I was younger but it came from part of me growing faster than another part. Once it all caught up the pain was gone.

    Patience I will have...I just hope the next time he pees in my's on dad's side. LOL!!! I will just try to remind him to go to the bathroom more often.