Good detangler for curly morning hair

marliellenmarliellen Registered Users Posts: 1

I have a daughter of almost 6 years old with type 2-3 curls.
I have been using the moptop products now for 2 months which I like except the detangling spray. It doesn't work on dry hair in the morning.
Her hair gets sticky and combing it is impossible.
What is a good detangler spray for dry (versus wet) curly hair in the morning.
Love to hear from you because I really don't know what to buy anymore.



  • KrystallkKrystallk Registered Users Posts: 7
    The only detangler I have found that seems to work well on my daughter's hair when it is dry is Circle of Friends Abebi's Safari Detangler. My daughter has 3C-4B hair so I don't really comb it when it is dry because I don't want to damage it but I have found that I can spray this on and just use my fingers a little bit and it does wonders. Also, it's cheap I think it's $8 a bottle and you can get it on here or at Bath and Body.
    Mother of daughter with 3C/4A hair

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