New & A little confused!

catattackcatattack Posts: 3Registered Users
Hi All,
I have just came across this great site resource, I'm very excited.
I've been reading for 2 days now about silicones, ingredients, no poo, deep conditioning, and products.

I did a co-wash last night, just to try it out. Now, this was with my everyday chemical/silicone conditioner, so it obviously wouldn't be the best way, but I thought I'd try it and see if the method alone would help.

It does look different today - my hair is far more moisturised, however, it lacks the volume it normally does (it's quite flatish) and almost looks a little wet? Is that normal, or is that because of my cheap silicone conditioner? The good thing is, is that is has stayed moisturised all day, and hardly any frizz.I also sealed the ends with extra virgin coconut oil.

Some questions:
1) Once I buy a silicone free (and other ingredients free) conditioner, can i just do one shampoo wash to take out the old silicones and that is enough? Or do I need to gradually reduce the times I shampoo to ensure all product build up is gone.

2) We have hard water here, so any ingredients I should look out for or stay away from in particular?

3) I live in Vietnam, which has a high humidity. Also, organic products and salon products aren't that readily available here, and I'm not interested in paying for shipping from other countries. So I need recommendations on major, popular well known brands that are ok. I would love to go organic (I'm all over organic skin care), however I don't have the money to spend.

I have I think 3A/B hair, it's below shoulder length, with layers, of varying lengths. I'm trying to grow it, not sure to what length, maybe a little above waist length.

Please direct me to other threads and links, if the questions are already answered, but there's just so much information here it's very overwhelming!

Much appreciated.



  • mogirlmogirl Posts: 32Registered Users
    Hey! I am new here as well. But what really helped me was The College Curly. It has been linked on some posts and thats how I found it. She gives a pretty good run down on how to do all this.

    As for your other questions, I can't really help you! Sorry. But this site is full of information. Hopefully someone will be along soon!
    2b/3b Cii using Fia system
  • catattackcatattack Posts: 3Registered Users
    Thanks Mogirl.

    To all.

    I've actually answered all of my questions with further research (I've had a headache for days staring at the screen!).

    The concern I still have though is too much moisture. I think I have either put in two much conditioner, and my hair doesn't need so much, or maybe my hair type is oilier than I thought? I've always considered it very dry and frizzy, especially at the back, however I don't want it looking wet!!


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