Newly Free!!

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Hello Everyone!!!

I am of course a newbie and I am so proud of it! I recently did my big chop with a few tears and long prayer on 2.8.2010. It has been one of the best decisions I made with my hair. What brought me to the BC...

I am a new sweetie pie is six months old and this is my first child. When I was pregnant my hair was so long and beautiful and healthy. And after I gave birth three months later my hair was shedding and breaking like nobodies business. I did everything I could to stop it but it was like either get it cut or let it fall apart. I transitioned so accidently because I was just trying to leave my hair alone. I watched Youtube and read NC faithfully and became so inspired that I just got up on the 8th and said what the heck!! Now Im not saying I wasnt nervous and that while I was cutting, me and GOD wasnt having a long conversation,but after it was all said and done it was all worth. So with that I just wanted to say hello and so looking forward to sharing my journey with you who inspired me :glasses8::glasses8:


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    Oh, wow ! That's a wonderful story :thumright:

    Thank God you transistioned, its great have healthy hair, isn't it? :)

    Oh and How long is your hair now?
    And once again, CONGRATS on your BC!

    my new blog ~~
  • beautifulnyabeautifulnya Posts: 13Registered Users
    Thank you so hair at this moment is just about over the top part of my ears. I have no clue how many inches..but like a pixie cut
  • bridgete2010bridgete2010 Posts: 144Registered Users
    Awww cute! I had a really short pixie cut once! (or twice ! :D)
    it was a little longer than a buzzcut :)


    my new blog ~~

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