Heat Damage Response

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I recently watched a video by LexiWithTheCurls a.k.a. AlexisNicole3C titled Heat Damage.

I agree with her frustration and anger, but what really bothers me is lack of knowledge that some stylists have. I'm disappointed because with I thought by now they would have developed techniques to minimize heat damage with whatever instrument they use.

My hair has been straightened with the hot comb (gas and electric) and a flat iron (previously placed in a stove). In each case, the stylist would place the comb or iron on a white paper towel. If the towel turned ANY shade of brown (light or dark), the stylist would place the comb or iron on a "rest" to cool. Then after a minute, test it again. If the paper towel remained white after the comb or iron touched it, then it was place in my hair.

Whatever happened to these "old, but safe" techniques? Have they been tossed aside simply because this is the 21st century? I'm sure her (LexiWithTheCurls) hair will grow back, but IMO with the supposed safeguards today, the "hair burning" experience should never happen in a beauty salon.
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    well i do test on a damp towel every now and then to see if its too hot but i have a flat iron so i just use the temp dial but i suppose those old techniques were to do with the old marcel style oven irons then these are more damaging as you dont know how hot they are not to mention takes too long if you have to keep constatnly waiting to see if its right temperature.