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I bought a sedu and I've used it twice on my 3c hair. Both times it come out big, poofy, and fragile feeling. I used biosilk thermal protectant and silk therapy each time. Once I used my normal amount of conditioner; the second time I really layered it on. Once I blew it dry. The other I let it air dry. I've seen before and after pictures of girls with fros like mine ending up with perfect hair. I've tried ironing very small amounts at a time and i'm using max heat. Nothing seems to work! Any clue what I might be doing wrong?


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    Hmm...I had the same issue with the Solia. Its supposed to be this miracle iron but no matter what I did, my hair looked awful- poofy, dry and not straight yet with my cheap Sally's iron, my hair was stick straight and shiny. I just figured its the "everyone is different" factor and what is a miracle product from some, is crap to others. My hair just hated the Solia so I ended up returning it.

    Another thing: is your hair damaged? Back when my hair was really damaged, no flat iron could straighten or smooth it- it just needed to be cut off. Perhaps try using different product? Hope this helps!
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    Learning to use a flat iron is really a learning process. Are you leaving in your conditioner? That might be a problem, and you may have better luck rinsing everything out, and only using the heat styling products while you're blowdrying/straightening. My hair looks more poofy and less shiny if I straighten bigger sections of hair, so trying even smaller sections might help too. I straighten my hair in sections that are maybe the width of a pencil? Last, the max heat on a Sedu is REALLY hot-- you might not actually need that much heat. Maybe try smaller sections on a lower heat, maybe 350-375 degrees? Making a second pass with the straightener really seems to help my hair get shinier and straighter as well.
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    Doing a pre-poo and deep conditioning usually helps. Maybe a different heat protectant might also help. Biosilk has a lot of alcohol which can be drying, so I use redken heat glide with chi silk infusion.
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    many things could be going wrong, first: you shouldnt use the max heat, i only go to about 420 and my hair is 3c (if your hair smells like its burning, its too hot). second: make sure your hair is completely clean.. rinse out all conditioner & apply product sparingly, just enough to coat hair not saturate it. I dont recommend using the biosilk silk therapy till after you are done to smooth frizzies not protect from heat. Lastly: when actually flat ironing.. use small one-inch sections & use a fine toothed comb to comb thru the hair before each pass.. thats VERY important when flat-ironing. Pass over the hair slowly and smoothly and only go over each piece twice. Then when you are done bump the ends and fix any peices and leave the iron alone.. too much heat can yield negative results

    If that dosent work it could be your flat iron or your product choice.. i prefer Infusium23 Leave in (before blow drying) & redken Heat Glide, just abt 3 drops.
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    i have a Sedu. Sedu flat irons have been working awesome for me for years, and naturally, i have the curliest hair that you've probably ever seen. Use a good quality hair mask beforehand, these are my favorites: Ojon hair restorative mask, and Its a 10 hair mask.

    Or if you need a cheaper hair mask option, this one by Sunsilk works good and you can buy it in the drugstore or the grocery store:

    What your problem may be, (I've figured this out over the years with my own hair.) is that you may not be using the right heat protectant for YOU. Chi Infusion heat protectant left my hair sticky, i don't know if its because I don't use a Chi flat iron, I use a Sedu, or whatever, but it just didn't gel right with my hair, you know what i mean? It left my hair sticky and not soft. Also, Big Sexy Hair heat protectant did not work on my hair at all. It left my hair so hard and crunchy after I sprayed it on, that I couldn't even get my flat iron to go through it. (I will not ever spend a dime on that one, ever again.) What did work was this Its a 10 shine spray. Its like half heat protectant and half shine spray mixed together in the same bottle. It worked miracles on my hair:

    Lol. It defrizzes, protects from heat, and adds shine. Also, ditto what the one user said about combing one inch sections and spraying before you flat iron. I watched my hairdresser once and that's what she did, and my hair turned out fabulous. Hope I hoped : )

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