Blondes: At home all over color?

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Hi, I am a natural light blonde but I love the super icey blonde color from a bottle. I have been highliting for years but my new CG hairdresser suggested all over color instead. So, my question is do any blondes use at home hair color? or do you still go to salon for all over color? I'd love to find a way to do it myself.
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    I'm not a natural blonde (original brunette) but I am pretty gray now especially on the crown and less so as you approach the nape, so the blonde coloring takes pretty good in my hair. I do use an all over, over-the-counter, hair color and get compliments on my color quite often. I use L'Oreal Preference 9 1/2 NB Lightest Natural Blonde.

    I originally went blonde to allow my gray to grow out. My hairdresser heavly highlighted my hair and I fell in love with being a blonde and was told by many it made me appear 10 years younger! My hairdresser suggested the natural blonde shades versus the golden or ash tones due to my skin tone. I have freckled, very northern European, easy to burn skin.

    After going CG I started reading the ingredients in things better and found that the after-color conditioner has cones in it. I was reassured by many here that I could substitute my own conditioner instead. I don't know if it is due to the coloring or if my hair naturally requires a lot of moisturizing but right now I use a mostuizing mask as an after co-wash conditioner and leave in.

    Hope this helps.
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