CJ Curls in a Bottle

NutmegNutmeg Registered Users Posts: 166
I have an only-used-twice (sparingly; 95 percent full) bottle of Curl Junkie Curls in a Bottle that I'd like to sell for $13.

Price includes shipping via USPS; PayPal only. Please PM if interested.
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  • DemelzaDemelza Registered Users Posts: 158
    Pm'd you
    Hair type: 3a/2c, fine/medium texture, medium porosity(?), normal elasticity, medium density

    Cleansers: CJ Daily Fix
    Conditioners: KCKT, CJ Curl Rehab
    Stylers: AOMM, AG Re:Coil, Donna Marie MCG, KCCC,
    FSG, BRHG, Biotera Styling Gel, ACV & honey

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