Is this a good routine?

NaturalBeauty86NaturalBeauty86 Posts: 16Registered Users
  • every morning i will co-wash with my vo5 moisture milk conditioner and style
  • in the evening i rinse the product out melt shea butter and twist my hair before i go to bed
  • once a week i do a deep condition with the body shop honey moisturizing conditioner and olive oil.
  • once every 2 weeks protein treatment with mayo and egg and deep condition
Is this over kill? I mean my hair loves the co-washes im just worried in the process of hydrating my hair i could be drying it out.

Please any thoughts, complaints, concerns would be truly appreciated
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  • butterflyjubutterflyju Posts: 53Registered Users
    i thikn the rule of thumb is, if it works for u go with it
    Hair: 4b/c
    BC: sept '09
    Last relaxer: Apr '09
    Shampoo: 365 whole food brand
    Co-wash: Suave coconut
    DC: phytojoba or alter ego (I add a little EVOO and honey to both:sunny:)
    Twist outs: Miss jessies curly pudding
    Experimenting with: unrefined cocnut oil, infusium23 leave in, KCCC, and anything I can get my hands on :thumbup:
    (I plan on shortening this list as I find out what my hair likes!!!!)
  • Kinky RhonnieKinky Rhonnie Posts: 1,166Registered Users
    I agfree with butterlyju, If you find your hair is not retaining enough moisture, add a leave in conditioner, a creamy moisturizer, and seal the moisture in with your shea butter or an oil.