Brio Salon - Milwaukee WI

hope2hope2 Posts: 7Registered Users
Does anyone have experience with Ritchie at Brio Salon in Milwaukee?
Got a horrible deva cut that needs to be fixed!! He was suggested. I checked his reviews and they are favorable ... but still scared.


  • JLeighsJLeighs Posts: 904Registered Users
    I go to him and have been very pleased with his cuts and colors. Just had an appointment with him this past Saturday, in fact. Gorgeous cut and color! :)
    2C/3A, fine, higher porosity.
  • hope2hope2 Posts: 7Registered Users
    thanks for your reply. i'm just so scared. after the butchered job i just received from my deva cut, i know i have to get it fixed and made an appt with him based on the reviews here. i'm just so sick of paying people to ruin my hair!!!! but your comments make me feel better. again, thanks.