Please may I have some of your humble suggestions for a spritz?

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Hello all. :hello2:
I am new here, and I have seen that there are many experts on here. You have helped me so much already (thanks), but now I just need some suggestions.
I would like to make a spritz for my hair to use as a leave-in before sealing. I've come across that glycerine stuff on here..maybe someone could elaborate on that, please? Perhaps you could suggest some lovely oils for me also? I have 95% relaxed hair with about 2 inches of 4b growth :D
I had created a whole new regime for myself, which I have been following for maybe a month. In case you need to know:
- Olive oil shampoo (contains sulphates, I noticed afterwards :D I'm going to buy some shampoo bars)
- Olive oil deep condish - with this I detangle.
- Shea butter moisturiser (water-based)
- Plaits.

I do this weekly. Sometimes I do a co-wash mid-week.

I ordered some shea butter, which should come soon - this is going to be my sealant.
Thanks :)
I believe I last relaxed December 2009. I am on a path to nappturality!
Here is my Fotki

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