stupid mmu ?: how do you mix

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Here's my stupid mineral makeup question: how do you mix the dry powders to make your own custom color? Do you put the different powders together in a jar and shake it really well, or do you stir it with something?

I've tried just tapping small amounts of the different powders into a flat basin and mixing with my kabuki brush, but the brush tends to pick up the powder and I don't think it's really getting mixed. When I agitate it, the powder tends to ball up instead of mixing. If I use a q-tip to mix it, it all wants to glom onto the cotton! ARGH!
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    I've been pretty much doing it the way you have lol. I'd love to hear also if anyone has any better suggestions. I usually take my brush (I don't use a kabuki.. I tend to prefer a smaller brush for some reason) and mix the colors together in the lid, then tap all of the powder off of the brush back onto the lid. It's been working ok, but I'm sure there's probably a better way.
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    I often use two colors, but I layer them on my face separately in very light layers. I use one with a little yellow tinge first, to tone down some of my read, then I use a neutral over the top.

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