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I just want to thank all the ladies who participated in the Shrinkage Poll.

The results have helped me when I discuss natural hair with ladies who have questions or are timid about becoming natural. I've also referenced

Below are my answers to my poll:

1. When you decided to go natural, did you know about shrinkage in natural hair? Yes, as a child I was surrounded by people who wore their hair naturally at times, so I saw their shrinkage.

2. Would you have gone natural if you knew about shrinkage? Yes, I really like the compact look of shrinkage. It makes the hair seem thick and full.

3. Would you like your hair more if shrinkage was not a factor? No.

4. Would you like your hair more if you knew styles that would fit shrinkage? No, because I believe I know most of the styles that would fit shrinkage.

5. Does shrinkage limit your styling options? No. I prefer quick, simple, but elegant styles. Therefore, I stick with twists, twist-outs, buns, and up-dos. These styles also suit my facial structure.

6. Do you use various methods to minimize shrinkage such as stretching, blow drying, banding, etc.? No, I enjoy my "maxi bounce" in the beginning, as well as the "stretched" look before I shampoo.

7. Is your hair less manageable with shrinkage? No.

8. Is there at least one benefit to your hair shrinkage?
Natural body and bounce.

Short Natural Hairstory about Me:

From 1975-1985, I wore an Angela Davis size afro. About 1982 or so, I noticed that many people began to prefer the "sleek, straight look" and ostracized those who wore natural hair. After being ridiculed for about three years, I decided to wear my hair straight. I didn't want to give in, but I knew that telling people who made fun of my afro "where to go and how to get there", was not my personality. It wasn't just the size of my afro that they ridiculed; it was the afro period. I know, because I would place water on it to shrink it.

In 1994, I noticed more people wearing braids again, so I decided to go natural-Permanently. And this is where I am today. One of my goals in life is to encourage women to love their natural hair, whether it is straight, wavy, or curly.

Thanks again for your help!
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