product help??

I just registered. I dont think I'll be posting here that much, I just need help because I believe I am on the brink of styling discovery. I'm very close, but need products. I am german/mexican mix. My mom has brown curly hair (german), My dad has thick, black hair (mexican). So I have thick dark curly brown hair (3b). My hair is FRIZZY!!! The bottom layers are fine, but the top layer is just frizz. I have pretty severe dandruff, so if I don't use shampoo my whole head gets flaky. My hair is VERY greasy at the roots, while the bottom is a dry wasteland, and they're constantly fighting eachother:boxing: I also have a big ol' widow's peek. I HATE IT. I kept my hair pulled back in a ponytail for a long time, I had given up. It would never dry. Until recently, I got bangs cut and let my hair down. Everyone likes it down, but I still have the frizz. I think I've figured out the reason my hair is screwed up, CHEMICALS. I think I have lots of grossness in it, so I wanna go organic. I also wanna grow it out halfway to my booty, it's just past my shoulders now lol. So I've been researching products, and this is my shopping list so far:
-Mimi's Diva Dryer towel (i think my current towel drying has been a main source of frizz)
-DevaCurl AnGEL
-DevaCurl One Condition
-Max Green Alchemy Scalp rescue shampoo
-Diffuser, w/ quiet blow dryer
-Carol's Daughter Hair Milk
-Curling Iron w/o clamp

I got most of it off the Best of the Best list.
Sorry the post is long, I'm an extrovert.
BTW, my mom's making me pay for all this with the money I got from my insane grandma...and I'm careful when I spend. But if i REALLY think it'll work, I can splurge :icon_smile:
[SIGPIC][/SIGPIC] AH! This is my hair after a normal day. Thanks to my current haircare: Head & Shoulders adds dryness to the ends of my hair, causing split ends, yet manages to keep the top of my hair greasy?! Herbal Essences conditioner causes chemical build-up, hence the frizz!!! This picture is the 'before' picture. My goal: the 'after' picture. I'm ready to test organic haircare products to brighten up my curls:glasses9:.
I'm ready to say goodbye to my daily ponytail, and go Naturally Curly! :wav:


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