Hostile Curl Negotiator Needed....

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Okay, so I've been natural for awhile....learning to appreciate my curls and just letting it do what it wants.

Yes, my hair is happy :blob:when I DC, then put in-leave cond, put in 2-strand with shea butter oil. Yes, very happy.

but me not so happy. I don't really care for the look so I will put a wig on and go about my day. Its winter anyway so I'm protective styling...

So I get it in my head that I'm going to blow dry my hair just to see what its at. Dear Lord that was a disaster. It did not turn out good at all. I think I didn't have the right equipment.

So a few weeks later, its V-day and I think my husband would like to see it straightened. So I went to my cousin who is a beautician, so I know that this is going to look nice right?

No I was so wrong. This can not be a coincedence. I put gel in my hair and now it looks like crap.

I think my curls have done this purposely so I will have no other recourse but to go back to wigs and DC. .... the curls were laughing at me this morning saying I can not have it the way I want so I should go back to the way it was.

The curls are taunting me! They whispered if I go home tonight and put water on them, we will not speak of this again.

But I got something for them. I will get kinky twists and do steam treatments! Wait, I think they might like that!
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    LOL, cute story. Im getting kinky twists this weekend as well.