wheat-free recipes?

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My fiance is sensitive to wheat, but he loves bread! Does anyone know of a cookbook or website that has wheat-free recipes? Thanks for any help. smile.gif


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    My sister in law for some reason can't have carbohydrates, shes hypo-glosimic (sp) or something. I wonder if thats about the same thing - but i think she found a cookbook with alot of good recipes - If you want i can ask her the name of it.
    i'm just not sure if what your boyfriend has could fall under the same category?
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    Have you tried Potato bread it is really good. It doesn't taste different.
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    curlycat, I'm pretty sure hypoglycemia is something different, but I'll definitely check out the recipe book. I can always use low-carb stuff. smile.gif

    Utopia78, I didn't think of that! I love potato rolls! **off to do a search**

    Thank you, guys!

    Well, I feel silly. I typed in "wheat-free recipes" and a bunch of pages popped up. Here are a couple in case someone else needs them:

    Thanks again! smile.gif

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