Homemade Hair Oil?

so normally i use carol's daughter hair oil for my scalp when it gets dry and as a sealant. but i'm using it a lot (dry air + cold winter) and it's starting to finish! so i was thinking about making my own hair oil to save money. how would i go about doing this? what would be the ingredients of my homemade hair oil and how much of each ingredient would i put in? i would like it to contain some essential oils bc i heard that's good for your hair and it wuld be nice if it smelled good but not too strong. and also where could i buy these ingredients? thxx in advanced !


  • taltaltaltal Registered Users Posts: 614
    You can look at the ingredient list of the hair oil you like and mix up a few of the oils it contains.

    Just experiment by mixing a few oils. If you don't know which oils your hair likes, you can start one by one to find out. Olive oill, coconut oil, castor oil, are a few that usually work.

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