Queens NY salons

drbey2003drbey2003 Registered Users Posts: 24
Does anyone know if a good Salon in Queens, NY? I live in sunnyside and have gone to curlisto (great cut, so expensive) and self salon (ok cut, but don't think deva cut is for my hair...but must say salon was great and so was stylist). I went to a local salon (Hue...but beware bc they just changed their name and now I know why!!) and while chic got rid of all my split ends, she did NOT know how to style my hair and I looked HORRIBLE!! I have to wait for it to grow out now. In the name of an inexpensive but decent cut, does anyone know if a salon outside of manhattan that cuts curlies well? I think my next step is to try Salon Santa Cruz in the city..they have had consistently good reviews (although I know they are pricey).

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