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I really want to henna my hair, but I want a medium auburn colour, and my hair is natually dark blonde.

Is it possible to get this color with henna? Will adding something to it make it turn out darker?

The only people I've seen with auburn from henna already had dark hair. :/

Any light-haired girls have pics of henna?
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    My hair is a natural dark brown. After I hennaed it, it had only a slight reddish hue, and in the sun, a light auburn. Natural henna is the only way to go. I suggest doing a strand test before you get started on hennaing your whole head. Just pull some hair from your brush or comb, then put it in the liquid henna. After 4-5 hours, take the hair out and rinse it. The color that stays will be the color your hair will be.
    If you don't use natural henna, your curls will definitely be damaged.

    ETA: Natural henna can never turn your hair lighter, only darker or a different color, so make sure you do a strand test!
    Good Luck! :toothy10:

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    I've hear great things about mehandi.com and their site is very informative. I encourage you to take a look and read up on combining henna, amla and indigo! :)
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    yes, natural henna works great to go from dark blonde to auburn. That's exactly what i do. I have what you'd call honey blonde or dishwaterish blonde hair and it's auburn with straight henna. The trick is doing an overall application as many times as it takes to get the depth you want (only took 2x for me). If you really don't want it too red you could add in some indigo, but indigo does fade after a while, while henna does not. I used chem colors for 20 years and have been so thrilled with my hair since i began hennaing 2 years ago. I second the recommendation of checking mehendi's forums and info.

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