Advice needed on Robert Craig hair dye and clear dye

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I want to try this dye bc Ive heard it gentle on ur hair. ive been dying my hair black and want to keep i that way. I also want to try the clear color for shine. I read that when using the clear with the color dye that it makes the color lighter..anyone have any experience with this. Im basically debating betating between the jet black color and the natural black....i worry that if i got the natural black the clear would make it too light for my liking and not sure about the jet black bc the description describes it as "blue black" and im not a fan of the blue black but maybe the clear will just make it come out black instead of blue black?? sorry if this is confusing lol. im at a loss. Anyone have any experience using a color shade and the clear together?? recommend anything? thanks!


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    If you mix the color and clear, you'll get a lighter color.
    I do 2 separate applications- 1 color and 1 clear.

    You can email Karin and she'll advise you.
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    I don't think you'd need to mix with clear, unless you think the black is way too dark. The clear will not change the tone of the color, just dilute it. So blue-black with still be blue-black. I would try natural black or this from the site: Natural Black is a very natural looking shade. For an even softer look this can be mixed half and half with Dark Brown.
    HTH :)
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