Need a lower protein DT

I'm in search of a DT to save my hair from these dry winter months (and Snopocolypse 2010).

I'm quite far from following a CG routine at the moment, favoring a straighter style for my current chin length bob. Because of this, I've noticed some breakage and a lot of flyaways.

My hair, when curly, is mostly 2b with a bit of 3a underneath. It is fine but there is a lot of it. The amount of flyaways tells me I do need a moisturizing DT but I would like a low protein to rebuild some of the heat damage. Too much protein reeks havoc on my head!
2b mostly/3a underneath. Split personality, unfortunately liking curly and straight. Fine hair, normal to high porosity.


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    Ion effective hair care from sally's is a milder PT. AO GBP is also milder PT with the moisture built in. These are still protein treatments, however. I'm not sure how mild you want. You may be looking for a conditioner with some protein in it.
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