Is it possible/healthy for me to get this color?

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To all the experts out there, would it be possible for me to achieve this hair color? would it be healthy? and if so, would i have to dye it, or is there any other way? (I'm quite the hair newbie :sad:)

The darker haired girl is myself, and the lighter hair is the color i want. Also, anyone know what the lighter color is called?


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    anyone? =[
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    It's definitely POSSIBLE, but it's going to take some work. And i'd definitely go to a professional rather than trying to tackle it yourself.

    Going up to that color would mean lightning your hair MANY levels, using much harsher chemicals than if you were just trying to darken light hair or tint dark hair another color. Probably it'll take a professional several sessions to get it up there too, though I could be wrong. I'm definitely NOT a pro!

    I'd call that a light, maybe a tad ashy, strawberry blond. Definitely take a picture in and show someone so they know exactly what you want. They can also probably tell you what exactly is possible and what might be a better solution for your hair. I don't think lightning to that point is going to KILL your hair, but it's definitely not going to be good for it.
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    I agree with Mims. But remember that if you dye it that color, you have to keep up with it, which means continuing damage from continual lightening several levels.

    But again, I'm phobic about going lighter, and always end up going about a shade and a half darker, and redder than my natural color, not to mention that I'm no professional. So feel free to take my opinions with a very large grain of salt.
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