Paul Mitchell's Round Trip

I was wondering if anyone uses this stuff and if so how and with what? I have had success with Roundtrip and the Sculpting Foam as of late to include nice soft second day hair w/o putting it up or sleeping on silk or re-wetting or anything for that matter. I actually think that I might really like this stuff but I don't know how it will work when the humidity strikes soon. Any suggestions would be great!!:p
Coarse--M. Porosity--Frizz Prone--3/3b hair. HATES: Glycerin , Mineral Oil,various proteins,silicones.

Wash: L'oreal Ever Pure for color treated hair
Condish : Terax Crema (simply the best)
Leave-In: KCKT
Prep: ? Looking for the HG
Curl Enhancer: Alterna Hemp Straightening Balm
Stylers: PM Foam
Love: ACV rinses and baking soda washes. :flower: