how to make it look longer?

ariabelariabel Registered Users Posts: 1
i'm so frustrated with my hair. when it's wet, it's halfway down my back. when it dries, it doesn't even touch my shoulders.

there HAS to be a way to stretch these things out!! (they are tight corkscrew curls)

i wouldn't mind the curly if it looked longer!

does anyone have a suggestion? straightening is not an option until the weather turns cooler..



  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Registered Users Posts: 2,369
    jeez. talk about shrinkage. you could grow it out in the spring, then cut it in the fall if you straighten. coconut oil lengthens the curl too.
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  • masscurlymasscurly Registered Users Posts: 297
    hi, you might want to try a blow dry blast in the morning. grab a section of hair and take the blow dryer nozzle and direct it towards the root. it should stretch out your hair and by you not touching the ends, keep the curly ends. HTH
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  • bellab21bellab21 Registered Users Posts: 12
    That is soo funny, Sounds just like my hair =). I have tight 3b hair, with volume. I get out of the shower, its long and then dries to a bit passed my shoulders. I have had a relaxer 3 yrs ago, and it damaged the hair and made it weak. Rite now my hair grew out. It is a pain, I cant stand the bulk of it. I tried alot to stretch out the curls, the only thing that works temporarily is Lanza straight liner smoother. Definitely give it a try. Use a blowdryer and pull curls down after you put the cream into your hair. Let me know...

    Good Luck,
  • chelseacharmschelseacharms Registered Users Posts: 54
    If you want to keep it wet (since its longer) you could try any of the hair oils that a lot of people use (olive oil, coconut oil)
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