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Does anyone else have a problem with different wave or curl patterns all over your hair? A month ago, I didn't even know I had wavy hair. Then when I joined this site a few weeks ago, I thought I was maybe a 2b/c and since starting my CG routine last week (and starting to plop), I think I might be more of a 3a. Who knows, maybe next week I'll have corkscrew curls?! LOL

My problem is that while I have medium textured hair on top, the hair at the nape is quite fine and doesn't seem to curl well at all. Does anyone else have this problem? Should I be putting more product, or doing anything different to this section?
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    Wavies with even curl patterns are few and far between. My curliest hair hides in the bottom layer. Some people have one side of the hair that is curlier then the other. All of your hair may pick up curl because of CG and you may like it better. I think the main strategy for dealing with this is acceptance.
    I saw a thread once that suggested having your straighter underneath layer cut shorter then the top curlier layer when wet. When your hair is dry the curly hair and strait underneath will be the same length.
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    Oh, yes. Uneven waviness. I've got every pattern from 2a to 3a on my head. Peda's right -- some parts may get wavier with CG, but the best thing is just to try to love and accept the uneven-ness as part of being a wavy.
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    I know exactly what you're going through. For the longest time my hair I thought just liked to be hateful. Since I've become CG my curls have become much more defined.

    I have a similar problem as you, just in reverse. My hair is pretty fine all over. The outer layers of my hair starts in the 2s and while under layers turn into 3s.

    You can start by using a nice solid gel where the fine hair is. Scrunch it into it while it's wet. See how long you hair holds the curl there. If it starts dropping then try a spritz bottle and see if spritzing a little water on it and a little scrunching will reactivate it.

    My hair reacts well to doing that. You also might want to try a curling jelly. My hair loves My hair loves Donna Marie MiraCurls Curling Gelly and Aubrey Organics Mandarin Jelly.

    I read a lot of fine headed girls find their selves needing a heavy gel and a curling gel. I don't. I just use a curling gel because my hair loathes products. If my hair starts dropping its curl I just spritz and scrunch and it's back to life NP.

    I hope that helps some!
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    Thanks, these are good tips. I will definitely keep in mind the length of my back layers for my next hair cut.
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    yes yes and yessssssssssss haha
    I have corksrews in a few sections then 3a'ish curls underneath with 2b/c bits going on in ontop and everywhere else
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