Stubborn indigo!

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I used to dye my hair with henna & indigo to make a very dark brown. The last time I did henna + indigo was probably close to a year now but yesterday I used henna + buxus for the second time and though the top part of my hair is this awesome flashy copper color the bottom part of my hair (about past my ears) is still dark. I look sort of stupid with hair that is two different colors. My only options now are either cutting all of the dark color off and starting over or picking up store-bought dye and chemically frying it....but even if I do that I'm not sure if that's a guaranteed coverup for the indigo. What should I do? :(


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    Have you checked out Henna for Hair? It seems to be the best resource for all henna/indigo/buxus/amla/cassia issues. Everything I've read about indigo is that it's super permanent - whereas buxus fades after a few washes. If there are solutions other than cutting off the indigo part you'll probably find them on the site. Good luck!
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    Yes, is an awesome site! Check it out.

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