DT VO5 hot oil tmnt and a self-trim

Hey curlies.
My hair was dry, limp and my ends were starting to snap off in 1/2-1" piece. I finally broke down and did a hot oil treatment and trimmed 1/4" off my ends. Oh man can I tell a difference. My hair detangled easier than ever (this is before I trimmed) and felt really good vs feeling dry and crunchy like before.

Anyone have any experiences? There are cones and wheat/soy protein but no mineral oil.


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    I have no recent experiences with hot oil treatments, but I have trimmed my own hair when it started to get ratty. Amazingly it came out fairly even, and definitely helped with the tangling and dryness I was noticing on the ends. I might try the hot oil sometime soon though. I remember having good luck with those when I was much younger.