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So, in the past year I've mastered eyemakeup and face makeup, but I've had an issue plaguing me since I started wearing lipstick at 14. When I apply lipstick/gloss, it runs down to the skin right below my lower lip. How can I stop this from happening? kinda fell off the CG wagon. I got sick of long curly hair about 6 months ago. I currently have a short a-line, which I flat iron, although I also wear it wavy sometimes. I still use sulfate-free poos (I'm madly in love with the Bodyshop's rainforest moisture) and silicone free conditioners.
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    You could buy an anti-feathering cream. Makeup counters like Estee Lauder will have it. It comes in a little tube, and it keeps the lipstick from bleeding.

    Other options are to use a concealer, or foundation around your mouth, up to, and including, the edges of your lips. You could practice with a combination of concealer, foundation, and powder.

    You could also take a small lip brush and dip it in powder, and dust it along the edge of your lip line to set the lipstick there.
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    or try a reverse lip-liner - i know Cargo makes one, and i think DuW*op does too!
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    rouquinne wrote: »
    or try a reverse lip-liner - i know Cargo makes one, and i think DuW*op does too!
    So does L'oreal.

    I have this problem too. Do you ever put a dab of concealer on and around your lips then lightly powder before applying your liner and gloss?
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