Faster when all gone?

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I was just curious, even though I am a long way from cutting all my relaxed ends off I still have this question running through my head. Will your natural hair grow faster if you have a significant amount of relaxed hair cut off or is at a relatively similar growth rate? I want to know if this is true because if it is I may have a huge mini chop during the summer to help my hair grow out for the next school year. That would mean mid-June in my case. In addition, I would be able to spend the summer styling natural hair so I would have plenty of practice. I think I should note that my new growth is almost 2 inches in 3 months (think that pretty normal) so if you guys have any suggestions for growing it faster please share!
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    well ur hair won't necessarily grow faster if you cut ur ends. i think you might find that your hair will break less when you get rid of the relaxed ends. the line of demarcation (the point where the relaxed hair ends and ur natural hair begins) is very fragile so ur hair easily breaks at that point. so the hair might seem like its not growing because it breaks faster than it grows. its better to get rid of the relaxed ends so that ur hair gets a healthy start. hope tht helped :)
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    I totally agree with Mz.Precioso. Your hair is fragile at that line and will break easily. You may want to stick with styles that require little manipulation during the week to give your hair "a break". Good luck with your journey.
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