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Hi All, icon_rr.png

I wanted to start using henna since I noticed that my Bigen that covers my grays is starting to damage my hair now that I use it every 6 weeks. I used to color my hair every 3 months or longer when I wore wigs. Now that I wear my hair is out, I have to color minimum of every 6 weeks, and use my Kiss non permanent color that comes in a mascara brush for my new grays while I wait for the 6 week period. Bigen has a high PPD and the chemicals are probably doing major damage.

Has anyone ever used the Godrej Nupur Henna Powder? I was wondering if I could simplify the henna process and use this one product rather than do the 2-step of hennaing first and then using indigo. I want my end result to be black roots to match my hair.

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Product Description

Godrej Nupur Mehendi has a unique blend which offers natural colouring of hair
along with the natural goodness of Amla, Brahmi and Bhringraj to keep
it healthy and beautiful.

Amla helps darken the hair and
promotes hair growth. Brahmi too, promotes hair growth while Bhringraj
makes the hair black and luxurious. Nupur Mehendi contains original
Rajasthani Mehendi which gives good colour on your hands.

80g - 2.9 oz.
Thank you all in advance. icon_flower.png


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    Hey Vizion4B!

    I LOVE this Henna, it is my absolute favorite thus far. Now I have only tried two: Karishma and Nupur.

    The Karishma yields pretty, deep reds and I can appreciate that it likely leaves a rich, deeper red sometimes auburnish on dark hair, but since I have some gray, it did not work for me. My dusty, off black hair was just dusty red and the grays were coppery close to orange. I did NOT like.

    Nupur however, is more "brown" than the Karishma. I add amla which tones down the red, and my grays are a pretty auburn and my dark hair has a nice rich, darker red/brown color which I like a lot. I don't think you can use it to make your roots black as it is henna and you will get shades of red depending on how much amla you use. I used quite a bit of amla in it this weekend and it darkened my hair nicely with what I call more mellow shades of red, and no orange/coppery grays.

    Maybe Kalpi tone or something else might work for you? I know a few ladies have tried that.

    Good luck and let us know what works for you.
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    It's better to do a 2-step to cover grays. Henna will cover gray, but henna mixed with indigo rarely will. You're also more likely to get the black you want.Hendigo rarely gives black, only browns. Keep in mind, the hair that was gray will be lighter than the non-gray hair.
  • VIZION4BVIZION4B Registered Users Posts: 5
    Thank you ladies for your feedback.:cheese:

    I hennaed on February 13th for the first time.
    I mixed the Yememi 100 g with 8 ounces of freshly squeezed orange juice and 1 ounce of fresly squeezed lemon juice. I allowed the mix to set for 12 hours in a bowl. I then applied the Yemeni and let it saturate for 6 hours while wearing plastic wrap, deep conditioning cap and heating cap. I then washed out the Yemeni henna and applied the indigo. I left that on for 2 hours to make sure my grays were covered while wearing a plastic wrap, deep conditioning cap and heating cap on my head. The smell is still lingering although I used Aussie moist conditioner after the water ran clear. My goal was to obtain the "Black as a Cat" hair color.

    I recall last year when I used Clairol hair color that I had residue stuck to my scalp that came off when I scratched my head. I contacted Clairol and the representative told me to mix 1 teaspoon of baking soda with a clarifying shampoo and leave on for 30 minutes. It worked then.

    On Saturday, February 20th, a week after my first henna, I mixed Suave clarifying shampoo with baking soda and applied it to my hair and left it on for 10-15 minutes. I had to wash it out because it smelled as though I had a chemical in my hair. When I washed out the shampoo and baking soda, I saw indigo running down the shower drain. I later washed my hair with Nizoral shampoo to control the itching. I then applied Head & Shoulders conditioner for dry hair and added some Aussie Moist conditioner. I then went under an electric heating cap for 30 minutes. I saw some henna (orange color) on the towel around my neck and my conditioning cap. I guess as you steam your hair, the henna tends to come off.

    I washed my hair with Dr. Bonner's Peppermint shampoo, Aussie Moist shampoo and VO5 Moisturizing shampoo and conditioned my hair on Tuesday, February 16th since I had hennaed last Saturday. I noticed some Indigo running down the shower drain then also. Maybe it is due to me washing my hair with warm/hot water.

    I'm going to switch to Jamila Body Art Quality Henna and use either orange juice or just plain water. I will be adding hibiscus flowers/sorrel to deepen the burgundy/cherry cola color I wish to achieve. I will probably do this next month since I have to plan an entire free day for the henna process. I have coarse, resistant hair with a few stubborn grays.
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    Please help as i want to try out the henna for the first time. I have alot of greys at the front of my head and i want it to be same all over without the orange tone showing.
    Please advise me as i am new to this site and i'm new to this product.
  • playtonicbubbleplaytonicbubble Registered Users Posts: 36
    where can i buy henna powder?

    im live in florida

    also i have light brown hair which type of henna brand should i buy..im looking to redden my hair all out red..
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  • NaTuRaLBeAuTy87NaTuRaLBeAuTy87 Registered Users Posts: 8
    This is my first time using henna..I bought my henna from Ayurnatural Beauty I purchase godrej nupur henna its very cheap I think Im gon buy some more next month...I have the henna on my hair right now :laughing6: Cant wait to see the results..Do anyone use coconut milk and honey in there henna???

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    Godrej did not make my hair black. If it would do it on anyone's hair, I'd think it would do it to mine since it is naturally dark brown. Now, it is very dark brown with a red cast - think mahogany furniture. The darkness fades a little bit over time, but the red tones do not.

    I can't decide if I like Godrej or not. I'm sure it's this way with any henna, but regardless of what I mix it with it, it is very pasty and hard to apply. Since I want it to cover incoming grays, I never feel confident it is going to cover adequately, but I never see any grays once it's all done. I bought this because I wanted less red tones, more brown, to match my natural color. I thought I wanted black going into it, but now I'm glad that it doesn't go all the way b/c I'm not used to such dark hair against my skintone, esp. this time of year.

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