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Ladies I did it! I BC'd on 1/30/10

I will post pics later but I need a cut first because I did my bc myself and it is very uneven lol

So I need suggestions from my NYC TWA ladies where do you go to get ur fro shaped up and how much is it? I will like to go by this wknd because I want to party on Sunday lol

TIA for the salons & the congrats...



  • joycurljoycurl Registered Users Posts: 162
    Congrats on your BC!
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    Congrats girl!! the best feeling in the world.. I had shoulder length hair when I cut mine. I started it and my hubby finished it.. I had like a inch of hair.. On the 28th of last month was my 6 months of me being natural.

    Congrats again
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  • blessedhimeblessedhime Registered Users Posts: 1,458
    Congrats on your BC! :toothy10:
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