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I had my first Big Chop 10 months ago and went from a full head of relaxed hair (very little new growth) to nothing! Ive had a lot of fun discovering my natural hair type. Mom mom had been relaxing my hair herself since I was around 6. I'm 21 now. It's getting harder to deal with this little fro I've got. I'm so bored with it. I feel like I have very few styling options. I've twisted it and sometimes I use [buylink=]kinkycurly curling custard[/buylink] but I straightened it the other day with a cheap flat iron and realized how much I miss straight hair. I don't know that I want to relax it, but I was considering a texturizer or maybe getting a salon quality flat iron but... the whole reason I cut my hair off in the first place was that it was damaged. I don't want to get back to the place. Any advice for me? It's greatly appreciated!


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    Hi! I don't have much advice, but I would have to say that I think the best idea is to get a salon quality straightener and use it every once in a while - just make sure to do a lot of DTs, and use something really moisturizing on your ends the days you straighten! In the end, I think the straightener would be the least damaging & the least permanent. I'm not positive, but I think ceramic straighteners are the least damaging. I've also heard that the thinner the plates, the faster they straighten because they hold heat better (and the faster they straighten, the less damage is done).

    There's nothing wrong with wanting a change (I think a lot of girls straighten at least every once in a while), but the key is to take care of your hair as much as possible. The healthier your hair is, the better it will look, both straight & curly.
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    Still not sure about porosity/protein... my hair takes forever to dry & products often weigh it down, but I like protein. Thus I'm confused.

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    seems as though you really want the flexibility to go from straight to curly and curly to straight. think about if you go back to relaxers how much work you're going to have to do when you eventually miss curly hair... I would stick with the occassional straightening rather than chemicals...I think its the closest youre going to get to having the best of both worlds!

    and you've come so far!
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    It's probably more the length than the texture than is bothering you. I would just straighten it with a salon-quality flat iron until it's longer enough to wear in different styles. However, you have to be more diligent about conditioning and heat protectant so that you don't damage the hair that is growing in. Also, make sure the iron is not on too high of a temperature. I like the Solia iron and got it for a reducued price on I'm not sure what texture your hair is, but the ladies on the 4a board offer really great advice about conditioning hair while trying various styles. They've helped me in the past.
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    Thanks a lot for your help. I think I'll go with the flat iron. My hair will stay a lot thicker that way too! Thanks again!
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    Hi TracyJ,

    I felt the same way when I stoped using chemical about 18 months ago. I transitioned using braids for a short while then cut all my hair off! I now have over 7 inches of hair!

    You may want to try weaves or wigs for about 12 months. This will alllow you to get more length. You may want to try a good Dominican salon to get a straight style.

    In my research I've found the the ingredients in relaxers to be very dangerous. Please do some research before you decide to relax.

    All the best too you.
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    I second what Trini girl said ;-)
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