Heat protection first or hold mousse first?

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Hi i like to blow dry my hair and flat iron after i blow dried it so I'm a bit confuse here since like you all know we need to put on some heat protector (i'm using phytodefrissant) but i want to my hair to stay straight longer so i want to put some hold mousse ( i'm planning to buy set me up mousse herbal essen) so which one should i put on first before i blow dry and flat iron my hair? The heat protectant or the hold mousse?
Dont live in US having trouble to find right products cos there are only few sold here
Hair damage by blow drying and flat iron weekly
Protein sensitive
CG mod since 01/09/2010
Shampoo; sebamed children shampoo sulfate free (a little unsure if the shampoo is sulfate free)
Conditioner; burt bees sugarbeet
DC: burt bees shea repair (but not really works for me though)
english is NOT my first languange so please bear with me if i have offend you by my choice of words

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