Frustrated with Two Textures: Gonna Relax?

curly_blue_monkeycurly_blue_monkey Registered Users Posts: 7 Curl Novice
OK. I have lived with having hair that is two completely different textures since I was 16 yrs. old. I am 41 now. The crown up=spiral 3b. Crown down and now the back is straight with a slight bend on the end.

When I was younger and the top half was thicker, I used to have the bottom permed to match the top. Only 1 hairdresser ever was able to do it. He did my hair for 9 yrs. He was great! He is now 3200 miles away. :(

Had a few perms on the bottom half out here in LA to no avail. All did not take. All not down to the root, None were spiral when all was said and done.

Now my hair is just below my shoulders. The bottom half is anyway. The curly top shrinks and the back part of my hair only has one curl. My hair is essentially more than half straight. When my BF says, "Don't fight what nature gave you." I cringe. Nature gave me both! What am I fighting? The curly? The straight? gah!

So, now that my hair is thinner due to the change of life starting, I can't stand how my head looks like two people's heads collided and this is what was left over. It makes me look tired and a bit crazy actually. LOL

Anyway, after much debate and deliberation in my head I have decided that there are only two choices. 1) get a perm with really big rollers to make it all looser curls. b) straighten it and curl it any way and anytime I want to. I am truly leaning towards relaxing it. I have used a kids relaxer in the past(over 15 yrs. ago) and my hair did very well. In fact my curls come through and no regrowth was needed. It lasts about 4 or 5 mos. on my fine hair.

Just needing to vent and maybe get support. *sigh*


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    You're not alone! I was also blessed with the whole several completely different hair types smashed together on one head thing. Until finding this site, I thought I was just a freak since I'm the only curly in my family. My sides are thinner and much looser curl that is much more delicate and prone to damage, underneath is a nice ringlet curl that straightens easily or curls with no effort, the back is a mess of kinky, stubborn tight curl that doesn't like to cooperate with anything but frizz. It took me years to find my own routine and products that combat all 3 issues. I dont' really have any advice, but know you are not alone and a lot of us curlies have more than one hair type!
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  • curly_blue_monkeycurly_blue_monkey Registered Users Posts: 7 Curl Novice
    Thanks curlybrunette. Not only are they different textures by top is very dry and bottom is oily. ugh!

    I am going to think on it for a few more days before I jump and do it. I have tried over 30 products, including no poo for 4 yrs.
  • Curlymommy3bCurlymommy3b Registered Users Posts: 20
    Hey there. I recently just chemically relaxed the front curls to help keep the shrinkage and frizzies down. I love it!

    The back of my hair is 3a-ish, but I am mostly a 3b everywhere else.

    Just be careful if you are going to do it, do not leave it on terribly long or you will get a lifeless curl.
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