Pibbs 514 - Where to Order?

glossnglamglossnglam Registered Users Posts: 23
Okay, so my Pebco isn't heating up like it used to (metal in hood isn't heating up. grrrr) , so I decided to bite the bullet and order a Pibbs. I keep on reading rave reviews about this dryer. Where do you ladies recommend ordering from??

I see that:

- Amazon orders it from another party = $369
- Sally = about $400
- Glamour Beauty Center = $321.75 (never ordered from there before. Have you? How is this site?)

I really want to get it before wash (and rollerset) day next weekend. Any recommendations??


  • glossnglamglossnglam Registered Users Posts: 23
    Tell me why when I went to place the order at Sally's, the girl at the register talked me out of it. It is sooo pricey!! I could barely let go of my credit card!

    I got the Ion Conditioning Dryer for $50. Huge difference! So, we'll see what this can do. I like having a standing dryer, but I'll test out the table top.

    Plus, I see in a previous thread that you guys gave it rave reviews. We'll see. Curbing my insane product junk-ism for now!

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