Elucence Moisture Benefits Shampoo

celeste821celeste821 Registered Users Posts: 348 Curl Neophyte
I wanna try this, anyone use it and where do you get it? Wal-Mart or do I have to get if from a salon or beauty supply?


  • roxie31roxie31 Registered Users Posts: 14
    I have used the moisture balance shampoo and conditioner for years (2 relaxed and 3 natural). A little goes a long way with the shampoo. You can order it from this site or in bulk from www.pleasantimage.com
    Last relaxer: January 2007, Natural since June 2008, Hair type: 3c/4a
  • QVCDivaQVCDiva Registered Users Posts: 1,329
    I got it through CurlMart
    Last Relaxer: 09/19/08
    BC: 01/30/09
    Misc: 1st time going natural was '94-'98; 2nd time - '99-2003; This time I will not go back to relaxers.
  • celeste821celeste821 Registered Users Posts: 348 Curl Neophyte
    Thanks sounds like it's going to be hard to find. I live in NYC.
  • nicole.nicole. Registered Users Posts: 74
    Oooo I bought this a few days ago!
    I just went to the website and clicked distributors at the top. Then I called the place closest to me and asked if they had the shampoo. Went to the shop and it was only $7. Woot!

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