wanted:qhemet biologics karkady tea replenishing mist or burdock root butter creme

racquelracquel Posts: 2Registered Users
I want karkady Tea Replenishing Mist by qhemet biologics, burdock root butter creme, also burnt sugar pomade by oyin handmade. The products that I have for swap that didnt work for me are :
miss jessie-butter creme (brand new)
miss jessie baby butter creme (90% full)
hair veda's-almond glaze-(95% full)
qhemet biologics detangling glee-(90% full)


  • Kinky RhonnieKinky Rhonnie Posts: 1,166Registered Users
    pm'd you. I have the Karkady Tea Replenishing Mist. I'd like the kinky curly-knot today and qhemet biologics alma and olive heavy cream.
  • racquelracquel Posts: 2Registered Users
    Hey Kinky Rhonnie
    I definitely want the replenishing tea mist. I am having a hair crisis and that seems to be the only thing that gives me moisture. I am so sorry but there is an issue with the alma heavy cream. I will pm you with the details.