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CurlTopped13CurlTopped13 Posts: 24Registered Users
hey guys..i've been transitioning for 9 months and i was wondering if anyone would mind looking at my texture shots and trying to predict what my hair type is/will be. maybe your hair looked like mine at this stage of your transition or someone you know? my fotki is below or the first post on my blog

last perm: April 29, 2009
big chop: March 14, 2010



  • Sydney23Sydney23 Posts: 25Registered Users
    Its hard to tell until you cut, but you had some loose spirals. I'd say from a range of 3b-4a.:mrgreen:
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  • nikki2229nikki2229 Posts: 8Registered Users
    It's hard to tell. Looks like a 3c/4a combo from what I can see.
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  • bowwow94bowwow94 Posts: 36Registered Users
    wow my hair looks exactly like ur curls with the frizz around them....i was thinking 3c to 4a...does n.e one know if the frizz will go away once the relaxed ends are cut?
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  • CurlTopped13CurlTopped13 Posts: 24Registered Users
    wow, thanks guys! :) and i would also like to know about the is CRAZY! i foresaw frizz issues a loooong time ago, however. lol

    last perm: April 29, 2009
    big chop: March 14, 2010

  • CurlTopped13CurlTopped13 Posts: 24Registered Users
    no one? lol

    last perm: April 29, 2009
    big chop: March 14, 2010

  • nada101nada101 Posts: 125Registered Users
    I dont know what texture it is but it looks pretty :)
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  • zkittykurlzzkittykurlz Posts: 6Registered Users
    I am not expert but i am assuming the frizz will not go away. only because i see alot of naturals that talk about battling frizz and they would normally have to use products to assist with that issue.
  • Precious CurlsPrecious Curls Posts: 448Registered Users
    ur new growth looks exactly like mine when i was transitioning. i'd say ur a 3c/4a. as for the frizz, it might go away. i had frizz at the beginning but its all gone now.
  • Naturally1908Naturally1908 Posts: 56Registered Users
    you look to be a combination of 3 and 4. There's a thread on here to tells you the different types and shows you pictures.
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