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So I want to try Sally's version of WEN, Hair ONE. I was wondering if anyone out there who straightens regularly uses this? I've seen posts here on these products, but they were all in the Going Shampoo-less forums and most people were unhappy because these products do contain some -cones and they're all CG and going natural. I'm curious about how those who have no problems with -cones and regularly straighten feel about these products? I'm trying to keep my hair as healthy as possible and WEN's infomercials facinate me, while his prices..er...do not.
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    if you're not too picky about cones, try the Hair One. You can get the $1 sample packets, or, buy the full size and keep your receipt.Sally's is good about returns.
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    you should try Hair One. when my hair used to be real curly, i refused any cones and was CG, but now that its wavy i don't mind cones.
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    I'm going to Sally's today to pick up samples of the Olive Oil dry hair one and Tea Tree dry scalp one. Will update....
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    Ok, I picked up 2 packets of the Olive Oil one. They didn't have samples of any of the others.

    Background: I am a former CG-er. I was CG for about 2 years and it worked for me, however, I wanted to go back to straightening and I absolutely have to use cones to straighten my hair nicely. My hair is in decent condition right now (thanks to very regular trims), straightens nice and shiny and I'd like to grow it out to BSL. I wore my hair curly/wavy today so before I used the HairONE, I had the following in my thick shoulder length hair:

    -ApHogee Green Tea Keratin spray
    -Biosilk Rock Hard Gelee
    -Tresemme gel (has cones)

    I followed the directions to a "T." I rinsed for 1 minute straight (oh yes, I counted), squeezed 1/2 the packet into my hands, massaged it into my scalp for 2 minutes, splashed a little water in it to get it to my ends, added the other 1/2 of the packets mid-shaft to the ends and then sat and waited for at least 5 minutes. A lot of people were complaining that this process was too time consuming, but I always shower at night, so I have all the time in the world so this isn't an issue for me. First impressions: the product is thick and creamy. It smells very herbal and mentholated. Other reviewers had said it was a horrible smell and they couldn't stand it, but while I didn't love it, it wasn't unbearable or stinky. Just sweet and very herbal. I'm not much of an herbal girl and much prefer the scent of my Dove shampoo and Redken conditioner but it really wasn't terrible.

    When I rinsed it all out, my hair felt clean. Very clean, almost squeaky, which surprised me- I expected it to feel more like it did when I co-washed. I added a dollop as a leave in to my ends, like the package says. Once towel dried w/ my trusty [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Curl-ease-Towel-p-500.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=curlease-curlease-towel]Curl-Ease towel[/buylink], my hair didn't feel as soft as with when I use my Redken. I started to loose faith in this product about here but I plugged on and added my usual products for straightening:

    -ApHogee Green Tea Keratin Spray
    -a tiny drop of Fekkai Glossing Creme (has cones)
    -a pea size drop of Sabino Moisture Block (is pure cyclomethicone and dimethicone)

    I let my hair air-dry most of the way as usual, then finished it off with my hair dryer. Now, I was not expecting to see a difference in my hair. I'm pretty happy with my hair- I just wanted to find a way to make it and keep it healthier while styling it the way I like by taking out the shampoo step. Normally, after blow drying, like most of us curlies, I resemble a brunette lion. After blow drying, my hair actually looked decent- like I could leave my house to take the dog out and not be humiliated decent. Normally that is NOT an option for me! I don't usually even like my husband to see me until I'm flat ironed! I was shocked. My hair felt really soft and really clean and did not smell AT ALL like the HairONE. I had read somewhere that the smell does not linger in your hair and that is pretty true. My hair just smells clean and like any faint nondescript shampoo/conditioner. I ran my flat iron over my hair and it looks pretty much like it always does: shiny, soft and pin straight. I'm seeing less fly aways at the crown as well.

    So far, I'm really happy with this product. I got the results I wanted (clean, shiny straight hair) without using harsh chemicals. The real test is to see how many days my hair stays clean and how well it cleans with my next wash. With my shampoo and conditioner, I get about 4-5 days between washes with the help of dry shampoo and usually a ponytail on that last day. If I can get that kind of mileage out of this stuff, I'm a believer.

    Stay tuned...
    3a on top and sides/3b underneath...lots of hair

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    I found CG through that silly Wen info-mercial!

    I got suckered in and bought the Lavender thru amazon for something like 28$ for a 16 oz bottle.

    I followed the directions faithfully and found my hair to be soft and surprisingly not oily....while searching for a reason why and how conditioner could leave my hair like this, I found CG.
    Now I use Wen to wash my dogs:toothy4: I probably won't buy it again though, (cost prohibitive). The reason it's not recommended that you wash your dog only once every 6 wks or so is because you can dry out their skin and cause a whole host of issues that were never there if you can just deal with the dog smelling like Fritos corn chips.

    Sooooo....instead of letting the stuff just rot, that's how I'm using up my Wen. My dogs smell great!!!...they're clean and I don't mind them in the bed!

    Once a wk the pibble, border collie, min pin and chi all get the treatment!....I have a hairless cat too and the sulphate free stuff agrees with her skin better, she also gets a spa tx once weekly.

    I have the Hair One but haven't tried it as yet....mainly because it seems any kind of non-sulphate, cone-free regimen I follow gives me pretty consistent results. This being the case, Suave conditioner and Burt's Bees low poo are all I need.

    As far as styling products, sea moss and FSG mixed 50/50, then further diluted 1:1 and a drop of honey, with water in a spray bottle is all I need to get 2nd and 3rd day hair.
    Following CG
    fine, medium-low density :confused5:
    protein loving, porous, elasticity ?

    Co-wash: Tresemme Perfectly Undone
    LI/RO: GVP Conditioning Balm, Jane Carter Solutions Nutrient Replenishing Conditioner
    Stylers: KCCC, AG recoil, CurlKeeper, As I am curling pudding
    Protein treatments: Aphogee's Keratin 2 minute reconstructor, and Colorful neutral protein filler

    Loves: aloe, glycerin & polyquats even in neg dews

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