do you pop your pimples

cocolocococoloco Registered Users Posts: 159
i always pop my pimples , how do you get out of that habit?


  • Curlz a HotMessCurlz a HotMess Registered Users Posts: 268
    It is a bad habit! I did this the other day. I had this nasty gross pimple on my chin (out of nowhere) and I just had to pop it. It crusted over, and then I picked off the crusty! Then it started bleeding, and it's still recovering from the trauma I induced. It probably would have been gone by now if I hadn't gone all crazy, but you know what acne can do to a girl! haha:), but generally, if I have a big ol' pimple (which I rarely have) my mom sterilizes a needle, and pops it a little to just the relieve the pressure so it won't hurt, and then it heals its self.
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  • Yes, Still PaulaYes, Still Paula Registered Users Posts: 485
    I used to back in the day when I got them (like one or two once in a while). Actually, it worked quite well for me and got rid of them faster. I would always follow up by using aloe (straight from the plant) mixed with baby powder and they would heal pretty quickly.
  • AmandacurlsAmandacurls Registered Users Posts: 6,252 Curl Neophyte
    Yes I can't help it. I'm one of those people who will lance things w/needles to get the zit popped. I figure if it's scabbed over and healing it's better than being all infected on my face. The thing that does bug me is the pimples that no matter how hard you try or what you do, won't pop. I have one on my chin right now that has been there for almost 2 weeks and it won't budge!!! It's prob a cyst, but it's bugging me!!!
  • EilonwyEilonwy Registered Users Posts: 12,391 Curl Connoisseur
    Oh god this thread is gross! You're all gross!!! :sad2:

    Popping pimples and similar picking habits are often about catharsis through mild pain and/or altering the body. So maybe you can find another channel for that catharsis.
  • Guyanese.PrincessGuyanese.Princess Registered Users Posts: 52
    Yes, its a bad habit of mine, I can't help it they just bug me lol
  • The New BlackThe New Black Registered Users Posts: 16,754 Curl Connoisseur
    I actually enjoy it, yes.
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  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Registered Users Posts: 2,098
    I pop pimples too.
    Not too long ago, Dr. Oz said it was ok to pop whiteheads as long as you do it right.
  • cocolocococoloco Registered Users Posts: 159
    @ phoenix
    thats my problem , i like popping pimples , and i'm trying to get out of that habbit .
    lol every time i see a big pimple with a white head that looks like its about to burst , i just need to pop it and look at all the stuff that comes out lol
  • TechKnockoutTechKnockout Registered Users Posts: 415
    Ugh, yuck!

    You ENJOY popping pimples???

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  • shorticurlzshorticurlz Registered Users Posts: 1,056
    Nope, I put a dot of toothpaste on them before bed and they are (almost always) gone by morning :D
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  • SystemSystem Posts: 39,060 Administrator
    I have a Zeno, so I use that and it usually takes care of the pimple. Otherwise, I would be very tempted to mess with them. When I was a teenager, my mom used to pop my pimples with her sharp sharp thumbnails, and I hated that, so in self-defense I started doing it myself. Thanks for nothing, mom!
  • texascurlytexascurly Registered Users Posts: 1,967 Curl Connoisseur
    Heck yeah! I'm not going around with a nasty whitehead on my face.
  • EilonwyEilonwy Registered Users Posts: 12,391 Curl Connoisseur
    It's fine to carefully break open a whitehead, drain the pus, and disinfect the area. Just don't harm the actual pimple portion of the blemish.

    However, breaking open an actual pimple is bad bad BAD!!! AND GROSS!!!
  • JosephineJosephine Registered Users Posts: 14,408 Curl Connoisseur
    No, I've never done it, don't even know how and think it would scar my face longer if I did. Sometimes toothpaste works right away but sometimes I need a few days. Mine are stubborn.
  • Gemini13Gemini13 Registered Users Posts: 5,000
    I pop whiteheads, which, as already stated, isn't actually bad as long as it's done correctly. Anyway, besides looking gross, the pressure building up inside those suckers can start to hurt if you don't do something about them.
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  • Hakim NuraldinHakim Nuraldin Registered Users Posts: 1,467
  • EilonwyEilonwy Registered Users Posts: 12,391 Curl Connoisseur
    I've heard that the toothpaste trick only works if the toothpaste contains menthol. Some do, but many don't. You'd probably be better off dabbing a menthol facial mask (like Queen Helene Mint Julep) on the zit. Or you could use a benzoyl peroxide gel or something.

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