Would love some vegetarian recipes

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Hi All,
My family and I have just recently within the last few months decided to give up meat. We are just sick of it and all the beef scares are helping with the decision. I have tried out some new recipes but haven't been that happy with some of them. If any one of you have any please share!
Thanks in advance!
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    Check out www.ivu.org. They have soooooo many vegetarian recipes. The database is divided up by country... lots of variety as far as type of food wink.gif Also, if you go to any search engine and type in vegetarian recipes, you should pull up quite a few sites. smile.gif
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    Hello Sari,
    Thanks for the info! I will look that page up! I have searched for Vegetarian recipes but they all look the same to me. This site that you mentioned sounds interesting though. Thanks so much for your help. Do you happen to have any that you like in particular>?
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    I actually haven't checked the site out in awhile, but they DO have a lot of recipes.

    As far as recipes, I'd suggest looking at some mediterranean cookbooks. There are lots of healthy veggie things. You always ahve to make sure you're getting protein. It's easy to overload on the carbs. You can add some silken tofu to smoothies, make pudding with it, and really use it as a substitute for ingredients in recipes calling for creamier ingredients.

    I love cooking tofu cubes in a bit of peanut oil... I usually then put a bit of soy sauce on (once the cubes are golden) and let that sear in. They are good with any kind of sauce really... and super healthy! If you're gonna try cubing the tofu though, make sure you AREn't using the silken kind. that just won't work wink.gif You'd want the kinda that's packed in water... usually in a plastic bag type of thing. Has a meatier texture biggrin.gif

    Sorry this is so disjointed. I jsut got home from babysitting three kids and had dance for 5.5 hours before that and I'm exhausted. I'll look for some recipes though. smile.gif

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    Hey hun! There was an article on this very thing in Access magazine this weekend. They suggest-

    The Vegetarian Resource Group- www.vrg.org

    Fatfree - www.fatfree.com

    Vegetarian Times- www.vegetariantimes.com

    Veggies Unite- www.vegweb.com

    International Veg. Union- www.ivu.org/recipes

    Tavolo- www.tavolo.com

    Epicurious- www.epicurious.com

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    One more! If you're looking for something in particular, try www.vegsource.com and go to the recipe board. The moderator can help you find almost anything. biggrin.gif
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    Here's Mollie Katzen's online recipe archives http://www.molliekatzen.com/archives.htm the potato soup with rosemary and roasted garlic is one of my favorite things, especially in the winter.
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    Wow! thanks for replying everyone! I haven't had a chance to come here for a while, I look forward to looking up all these sites and getting some new recipes!

    -Sari, yes I do need to get some Tofu and give it a try, your right it's so easy to get carb overload. Does Tofu taste like anything you cook it with or does it have a distinct taste? We have been eating lots of peanuts and tuna but I'm sure those are kinda hard to put into alot of recipes.=0)

    -Q curly Q Thanks for all the great sites to look through! I'm gong to be busy!

    -Panama curls I look forward to looking that site up as well! Sounds great.

    -corkscrewed thanks! that potato soup does sound yummy, it does make me think of winter, cuddled on the couch with a blanket. Comfort food!

    thanks again everyone.
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    bumping for mango... icon_biggrin.gif
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