at what month did you really see growth?

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hi, i will be 4 months natural on Feb 10! i can't believe it has been 4 months already. i haven't worn my hair natural outside yet though. i am doing protective styles *wigs and braids* and i plan to do that for about 2-4 more months....
although i can tell my hair is growing(it is thicker, and i can see length when i stretch it*shrinkage :-( * i would love to have a puff!!! around what month did you really start to be able to see some length on your hair??? my hair right now is about 2.5-3 inches long.


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  • sweetmusic31sweetmusic31 Registered Users Posts: 19
    yeah but i couldn't find my old post, and i wanted new answers lol, i'm soooo impatient
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    It's subjective. However, it does seem to grow more without all the chemicals in it. I noticed growth the first time I cut it, then it started growing like a weed.
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    I feel you apprehension about rocking the natural outside of the saftey your home. I had the same feelings.

    I saw growth probably around 13 months post relaxer. The best way to really see the growth is to take progress pics once every 2 to 3 months. As you may know, hair grows about 1/2 an inch each month. The key is to grow and retain length.

    My advice is to take pics, look at some the natural hair journeys on Youtube (it helps get your mind ready to accept and rock the natural in public) and enjoy the journey.
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    I haven't been transitioning for that long, but like 5 months... which is right now xD
    Woo!! I did the Big Chop!


    I didn't like it at first, but now I pretty much love it. :] I'm currently protective styling to get to shoulder length ASAP, so I don't get to enjoy it that much :dontknow:

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    I saw a major difference in growth when I straightened it at 1 year and 8mths. I didn't see a big difference in growth when curly until around 20 or 21 mths post BC. However, if you look at my progress pics, there was growth way before that. It just wasn't enough that I would look in the mirror and feel *satisified.* My best advice is to document your journey so when you get impatient, you can compare older pics and see how much progress you've made. It sounds silly but it really does work! HTH and congrats on your naturalness :occasion7:
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    call me crazy, butrarely have i looked in the mirror and been like, "finally! i can see some growth!" and ive been natural for 6 yrs :lol: obviously my hair has grown and ive retained length, but i never see it. what helps me recognize my hair growth tends to be styles that i can accomplish. i remember how excited i was when my hair started flopping over and hiding my headbands, then it was the first time i could put my hair into a low ponytail. after that it was excited when i could put it into a high ponytail, then a bun, then a french braid, etc.
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    I'm feeling you subbrock. I usually measure by the styles I can pull off. When I could do a real puff was last April - a year post relaxer. I probably could have done it before that but that is when I could do a REAL puff.

    I was also excited when my hair started flopping a bit. I guess I go more for hair milestones than the length/growth.
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