Best flat iron?

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I have either 3b or 3c hair which is extremely difficult to straighten. When I do straighten my hair you can clearly tell that it is not naturally straight.

I'm looking for a good flat iron that can actually handle my hair. I don't want to drop $100+ and have it not work.

Is the CHI any good? GHD worth the price? Help.
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    I have a mixture of 3b/3c hair, and I got a straightner for Christmas that works wonders. I don't know the brand/type off the top of my head but I'll post it when I get home, as well as some pictures.
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    i had the chi. it was okay..i have 3a/3b hair and u could usually tell that my hair wasnt naturally straight so i wouldnt really reccomend that one since i didnt like it all the much and ur hair is curlier than mine. My boyfriends actually accidently stepped on it and it broke so i ordered a new one.. i did a good amount of researching...reading thru a billion reviews...and ended up deciding on the Sedu Pro Ionic Ceramic Tourmaline Flat Iron (1 1/2") . It goes for about 120$ and right now Folica has it with free shipping, I bought mine from there but i havent recieved it yet so im sorry i cant tell u from personal experience how well it works but offa reviews it seems to be a very good flat iron..

    heres the link

    maybe read thru the reviews there and see if u can relate to anyones hair type there and read what kind of results they got

    mine should be here anyday now. Ill be sure to let u know how it works!

    Good luck!

    oh just thought of another thing i didnt like about the chi...u cant adjust the heat setting at all..ur kinda just stuck at one..the SEDU has adjustable heat

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