How can you tell if you're protein sensitive?

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I'm wondering b/c of how brittle my hair is, despite all of my moisturizing tactics. I still have yet to pinpoint the cause.

If you are, does that mean stop using protein altogether, or minimize much is too much for a protein sensitive head?


  • amalgamadeamalgamade Posts: 36Registered Users
    Anyone? Bueller?
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    Hey! Well, to begin: do you know what kind of hair you have (is it coarse or fine, overly porous or not so much?) If you're not sure and you don't know where to look to find out, start here: It is Struttswife's great site; helped me enormously when I was trying to figure out my hair characteristics.

    For me, even though my hair is coarse, it's really porous (my strands are shaped like ribbons not spherical, which probably accounts for the over-porosity). So, my hair is happy to have intensive protein treatments but ONLY when I follow them with intensive DTs. Otherwise, if I do an intensive protein tx and no DT, I get brittle, straw-like, tangly hair. It's sort of similar to when my hair is too dry, but the "straw-like" sensation is more pronounced.

    Sorry this post is so long...needless to say, if you think you need the protein try a DT right after and maybe that will help... Also don't do protein tx's too often because you can overdo it even if your hair loves protein. And keep searching because somewhere on the board I remember reading a more specific description of dry hair vs. protein sensitive hair. For now this is all the advice I can give - hope it helps!
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    DT: homemade mix: shea butter plus some/all of the following: coconut oil jojoba oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, castor oil; several drops of EOs
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