I seen a 2 hair today and it looked great

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so I asked what she used and she goes "some oil, don't know the name and some Herbal Essence gel"ok which one of the HE gel? Does not know. How is it she has nice curl formation and does not know what she used?????


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    I feel the same way about people who take prescription drugs and don't know a) the name b) the dose or c) what it's for.

    I shake my head at that and think, wow, really? You really care that little?

    Hair, now, half the time I don't remember at noon what I put in my hair 6 hours ago! Too danged many combinations!
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    Or better yet Sammy, one board member was telling the story of how she ran into this woman with perfect wavy hair and she asked her what she used, and she said Suave Shampoo and Condish in Coconut and suave hairspray on wet hair.

    Some people have "low-maintenance" hair. Some of us have "high-maintenance" hair.

    The other reason (maybe ) she didn't know what she used is because she's a product junkie and was just grabbing stuff :) been there done that.
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    or she did not want to share her secret ;) I do that w/ perfume.